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Sure, the makers of Scream were clever, but they couldn’t have done it alone. Director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson stand on the shoulders of hacks who churned out 20 years of by-the-numbers slasher flicks. Students of the genre may recognize that Scream‘s opening scene plays off 1979’s When a Stranger Calls or that Linda Blair plays a TV reporter, but even if you’re not a know-it-all, you can feel like one by taking our Scream quiz.

Wes Craven is… A. the director of Scream B. on screen in Scream as the Freddy Krueger-like janitor C. lucky to be working after The People Under the Stairs and Shocker

Skeet Ulrich, who plays Billy, looks a lot like…

A. Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street B. Christian Slater in Tales From the Dark Side C. Brad Pitt in Cutting Class D. a one-hit wonder after Last Dance, Albino Alligator, and Touch

The death of principal Himbry (an unbilled Henry Winkler) is most likely to delight… A. fans of 1950’s Strangers on a Train, in which the killer’s face is seen reflected in the eyeglasses of the victim B. Trauma and Suspiria director Dario Argento, who’s got a thing for eyeballs C. anyone who thought the Fonz was a little old to be living over the Cunninghams’ garage

Casey (Drew Barrymore) says that only the first Nightmare on Elm Street was any good and that the rest ”sucked” because… A. Craven directed the first Nightmare but had nothing to do with the others until the revisionist New Nightmare of 1994 B. the film needed a note of levity to undercut the pulsing tension C. they did suck

When Neve Campbell’s Sidney complains that ”some stupid killer is stalking some big-chested girl who can’t act who’s always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door,” she’s alluding to… A. Halloween, installments I-IV B. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, installments I-IV C. A Nightmare on Elm Street, installments I-VI D. Friday the 13th, installments I-IX

All answers are true, aren’t they?

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