Vibrating controllers are putting users into the games

The latest rage in videogaming is more geek shake than geek chic. Game designers for Nintendo 64 and the PC have created new feedback controllers — steering wheels and joysticks that jounce and vibrate during play. With these jolting gizmos — and compatible games (sorry, Quake doesn’t quake yet) — you can feel the recoil of your blaster or that nasty wipeout on the racetrack. Though PC versions using Immersion Corp.’s I-FORCE technology have been out for a while, there’ll be a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on this month with Nintendo’s release of the aptly named Rumble Pak — part of the space-age aerial-combat game Star Fox 64. Virtual reality for the masses has been a bust so far — Virtual i-O’s ”i-glasses” are the latest casualty — but this latest movement really rocks. Talk about good vibes.