Director P.J. Hogan admits two scenes were revamped

All nuptials come with their share of headaches, even My Best Friend’s Wedding. The romantic comedy, starring Julia Roberts as a conniver out to steal Dermot Mulroney from his fiancee, Cameron Diaz, has had its share of 11th-hour-reshoot rumors.

Any truth to the scuttlebutt? Director P.J. Hogan admits two scenes were revamped, but says neither affected the gist of the story. One involved Roberts chasing Mulroney around Chicago in a bread truck. ”I wanted it to play longer and better,” says Hogan. The other enabled Diaz’s character, Kimmy, to be less of a wuss when she confronts the pretty woman’s dirty dealings. ”We all felt that Kimmy was entitled to rage,” says Hogan. ”Now it’s like Kimmy has her day on the Jerry Springer Show, complete with an angry mob rallying to her cause.”

The reshoots did run into one problem. During her screed, Diaz snaps about a ”big-haired” Roberts. Unfortunately, Roberts’ coif was no longer living large; she’d gotten a tamer ‘do for August’s Conspiracy Theory, with Mel Gibson. ”It’s not like Julia shaved her head,” says Hogan, noting that extensions saved the day. He says the correction paid off. As Roberts has said, folks like her best with her trademark red tresses — even if they’re not hers .

My Best Friend's Wedding
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