As inevitable as tie-in toys and just as disposable, blockbuster soundtrack albums are now merely part of the Hollywood marketing grind. That view, while justified, still sells these records short. Movie soundtracks have become useful educational tools for all facets of the entertainment business — not to mention for life in general! For instance:

Soundtrack as Toy: As he did with his Jurassic Park music, composer John Williams heads into the heart of symphonic darkness with his trundling score for The Lost World, which is often more heart-pounding than the movie’s chomp-by-numbers dino scenes. If you’re not a score buff, though, you can still have fun with the ”Dinorama 3D Package.” The CD booklet — one of the year’s most innovative — unfolds into a stand-up jungle, complete with cardboard dinosaurs. Plastic T. rexes are, of course, extra. B

The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • Movie
  • 129 minutes