Quotes from Winona Ryder, Chris Rock, Baz Luhrman, and more on how they get inspired

”I call my mom.” — KEVIN WILLIAMSON

”I look at my mortgage. It gets you unstuck in a hurry.” — PAUL ATTANASIO

”I tell my writers, ‘Get me out of this creative block, you a——. I pay you a lot of money.’ Then I storm out of the room like Alan Brady on The Dick Van Dyke Show.” — CONAN O’BRIEN

”A brisk walk. If you just walk long enough [the song] will pop out.” — BJORK

”Travel.” — BAZ LUHRMANN

”There’s nothing you can do, that’s why it’s called a creative block.” — WINONA RYDER

”On independent films you can’t afford to have creative block.” — STEVE BUSCEMI

”Play hockey.” — TIM ROBBINS

”Creepy food snacks, like those cheese-peanut butter crackers. Or Dolly Madison Zingers. Really bad food just stimulates a certain part of the brain.” — CAROL LEIFER

”I think of it like I’m a car…broken down on the highway. But I realize, It’s cool, the tow truck is gonna come, and I’m gonna be back on the road. You just gotta ride through it.” — WILL SMITH

”Grocery shopping.” — MIKE JUDGE

”Screaming.” — NEVE CAMPBELL

”Thoughts of joy and love to the world, and George Harrison.” — CHEMICAL BROTHER ED SIMONS

”Driving late at night in really sh—y neighborhoods. I sound like Eddie Murphy.” — CHRIS ROCK