Creator Scott Adams is embarking on a virtual book tour


America’s favorite Everycog, Dilbert, heads to cyberspace — or at least the man behind this bespectacled rep for the downsized masses does. Through June, Dilbert author-creator Scott Adams conducts a virtual book tour, hawking his new, humorously observed manual for the millennium, The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century, on Intel’s Video Phone with ProShare Technology (an add-on card for PCs that allows users to send and receive audio and full-motion video signals via standard phone lines).

”Traditional signings can be exhausting,” says Adams, who’d rather be home in San Francisco. ”With this technology, I can reach more people. And sleep in.” Dilbert fans can visit their local bookstores, chat with Adams, and buy up pre-signed copies of the book. For Adams, who is already at work on his next book (scheduled for spring ’98), interacting with devotees without having to leave the house provided one unexpected benefit: ”I got to stay in my pajamas all day.”

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