Quotes found online this week from Rachel True, Nicholas Cage, Rene Russo, and more

Nowhere has been described as a sort of Clueless with nipple rings. That’s kind of apt because there are a lot of kooky characters roaming around and having a lot of sex and partying a lot….But basically it follows around a bunch of L.A. kids during one day on their way to a party. There’s a lot of cool cameos by people like Shannen Doherty, Beverly D’Angelo, Christina Applegate, and the original Peter and Jan Brady.” — Nowhere‘s RACHEL TRUE on Prodigy

”I ate fat-free tuna out of the can, fat-free pretzels, ran five to six miles a day out on the salt flats, and pumped iron. The body type I wanted was modeled on Ken Norton, the boxer. I wanted to look really ripped but not bulky.” — Face/Off‘s NICOLAS CAGE on E! Online

”I was so depressed as a teenager, that’s probably why I have a sense of humor now. I cut school every day to watch I Love Lucy. I couldn’t add, but I could do a comedic role.” — Buddy‘s RENE Russo on E! Online

”I read everything, particularly the scripts that contain frontal nudity, require me to be pierced or tattooed or to have realistic and wild sex scenes with women with large and cosmetically enhanced breasts. I also like scripts with drawings…illustrations…because I don’t read too well.” — The Winner‘s FRANK WHALEY joking around on America Online

”I was a criminal. I was a juvenile delinquent. I was charged with everything from…rape, assault…I bit a woman on the back. I was the Marv Albert of my time. I was a wild boy.” — Author HUNTER S. THOMPSON on The Book Report @AOL

”I first met Bob Dylan when he was performing with Joan Baez at Carnegie Hall, backstage. I sort of fell in love with him, not sort of, and, like following the Pied Piper, when he moved to L.A., I moved to L.A….We have been friends ever since. I would say that in many ways he has been, next to my spiritual teachers, the love of my life.” — Amnesia‘s SALLY KIRKLAND on Prodigy