Salma Hayek, Chris O'Donnell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger were some of the celebrities at the event

Holy cold spell! It may be summer movie season, but it got a bit nippy in Los Angeles for the world premiere of Batman & Robin, held outdoors in Westwood June 12. The unseasonable weather forced some partygoers — like Salma Hayek, whose bare-midriffed ensemble turned out to be a fashion don’t — to take cover (under her matching jacket). But at least the stars appreciated the irony. ”Everyone’s freezing,” said costar Chris O’Donnell. ”But I guess that’s fitting for Mr. Freeze’s first appearance.” Even the decor was in synch: The theater parking lot was transformed, via fake icicles and snowmen, into an icy Gotham City. Said the man who would be Freeze, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ”When you come here, you know it’s a Batman party.” Meanwhile, Caped Crusader George Clooney arrived with main squeeze Celine Balitran. And Batgirl Alicia Silverstone turned heads with an oversize chapeau (hey, you lose a lot of that body heat through your head…). Other celebs in attendance included Noah Wyle, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Elle Macpherson (who plays Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend), and a Versace-clad Courtney Love, who expressed her regret about the absent Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman, on location in England filming The Avengers). ”I wanted to see what Uma was wearing,” she quipped. ”But I guess she’s wearing it in London.” It was probably warmer there.

Batman & Robin
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