Writers Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore offer Dos and Don'ts for filling their shoes

Though they won’t be penning the next big-screen installment in the intergalactic saga, Brannon Braga, 31, and Ronald D. Moore, 32, are considered the Federation’s most enterprising sci-fi scribes (they cowrote the feature films Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek: First Contact). Here, they offer up ‘Trek’ cliche red alerts for anyone planning to boldly go where they’ve gone before.

DO use what works — like the Borg — just don’t overuse it.

DON’T introduce never-before-mentioned old friends from the Starfleet Academy. ”On Next Generation, we had every possible relative come out of the woodwork,” says Moore.

DO write morality plays. They are a Trek staple.

DON’T buy into the science phenomenon of the week (i.e., Worf shouldn’t be cloning sheep).

DO make the most of the Klingons. No one gets sick of them. They’re a reliable go-to.

DON’T use hormone-raging alien queens. Kirk beat that concept to death in the original series.