God Said, ''Ha!''

God Said, ”Ha!” is an adaptation of the much-praised autobiographical one-woman show by the former Saturday Night Live cast member and creator of the show’s determinedly androgynous character, Pat. Sweeney has a lovely, lively, compassionate, and funny literary touch with a terrible story about her Annus Horribilis: In 1995, soon after her divorce, her brother Mike was diagnosed with terminal lymph cancer and moved in with her; her parents and assorted relatives also moved in; and Julia Sweeney herself was diagnosed with cervical cancer some weeks before Mike died (the siblings called it ”sympathy cancer”), necessitating a radical hysterectomy. The author undoubtedly would trade her dramatic story for a little less excitement, but she makes gentle, inspiring art out of what she and her family endured. A-

God Said, ''Ha!''
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