Quotes found online this week from Cathy Lee Crosby, Michael Richards, Reed Diamond, and more

By EW Staff
Updated June 20, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Hopefully, at this particular time, no one will confuse the two of us [anymore]. I’m not married to a man named Frank. thankfully!” — Actress and author CATHY LEE CROSBY, on Kathie Lee Gifford, on America Online

”Kramer…has a way about him that many of the characters I’ve played in the past don’t possess. That’s why it’s so fun to play Kramer…. Each week when I play that character, I discover something new about him. Sometimes, I think that Kramer plays me rather than Michael Richards playing Kramer.” — Seinfeld‘s MICHAEL RICHARDS on AOL

”Living in Baltimore is great. I love the people, I love the ballpark, and I dig eating crabs…. We shoot everything on location in the city, it really has that gritty, urban feel and doesn’t look like the same Hollywood backlot you see in every crime show you’ve seen since Cannon.” — Homicide: Life on the Street‘s REED DIAMOND on AOL

”The foremost [misconception about modeling] would be eating disorders. We are a good target for controversy — people have to realize that some people are skinny and beautiful naturally.” — Model CAROLYN MURPHY on TopModel@AOL

”[Brooke Shields] does act a lot like Susan, insofar as being somewhat clumsy, klutzy. But I’ve also had the privilege to spend time with her away from the set and she is a regular, normal person. More so than a lot of other so-called friends. The times I’ve spent combing her hair and waiting on her…” — Suddenly Susan‘s DAVID STRICKLAND on AOL