On the craven Disney theory that grown men dumbing down to behave like happy, mentally impaired boys are what it takes to make a family-friendly comedy, Joe Pesci and Danny Glover drag out their entire tackle box of buffoon moves as a couple of oldest, bestest friends who unwittingly capture a vicious thief (Nick Brimble) in the course of a disaster-laden fishing trip to the Everglades in Gone Fishin. Unfortunately, they don’t hook a single laugh in this swamp of a production, directed by Christopher Cain and written by Jill Mazursky Cody and Jeffrey Abrams. Rosanna Arquette and Lynn Whitfield stumble by as a couple of girls who also want the bad guy caught; Willie Nelson picks up a few bucks playing a fishing pro who appears to the fellas in a kind of dream and encourages their idiocy. Big mistake. D-

Gone Fishin'
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