Jerry Lewis made headlines this week

Turns out 57 million Frenchmen weren’t wrong. In the wake of Eddie Murphy’s $129 million-grossing remake of The Nutty Professor, Hollywood is once again bowing before the King of Comedy, Jerry Lewis. In addition to Murphy’s in-the-works Nutty sequel (which goes before cameras in January), the original rubber-faced man-child has signed on to executive-produce a Disney update of his 1961 slapstick-fest The Errand Boy and is also in talks for remakes of his early-’60s high-jinks comedies Cinderfella and The Bellboy. ”Jerry cornered the market on stories about poor schlepps who start out with nothing and end up with everything,” says Errand Boy producer Roger Birnbaum of Lewis’ sudden movie renaissance. ”Think about it. There are a few great physical comedians: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Jerry Lewis.” Birnbaum hopes to persuade the 71-year-old Lewis to do a cameo in his film. Of course, none of this surprises the king’s longtime manager, Joe Stabile: ”Jerry’s elated. It looks like the wheel is turning again.” How do you say ”We told you so” in French?