Date With an Angel

Angels are man’s and the movies’ way of dealing with the idea of God. They look like us, for one thing, so a casting call isn’t out of the question. For another, they allow directors to answer our prayers under the guise of eternal truths.

Without a crisis to give it heft, though, an angel movie can devolve into greeting-card banalities. The trivial romantic comedy Date with an Angel represents a smug, ’80s-era take on winged messengers: They’re blond babes (French actress Emmanuelle Beart) who help sensitive young guys (Michael E. Knight) get out of their engagements to rich twits (Phoebe Cates). Granted, Beart possesses a beauty that could bring Scratch himself into the revival tent, but everything else about the movie is as embarrassingly dated as only a 10-year-old movie can be. It has the philosophic weight of a T-shirt. D+

Date With an Angel
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