Quotes found online this week from Paul Reiser, Erik Estrada, Milla Jovovich, and more

”Without my wife, I would have no comedy act and no show. If we ever got divorced, it would all be over. I married her because I thought there might be a series in it. I saw at least five years of good material in Paula, and I was right.” — Mad About You‘s PAUL REISER on E! Online

”I grew up in Spanish Harlem, New York, but as a child I spoke nothing but English in the streets because I always had a job after school, and I lost all manner of Spanish. When the soap [Dos Mujeres, Un Camino] came up, I enrolled myself in Berlitz, eight hours a day, one on one, to learn how to speak and read Spanish. While in Mexico, I just kept getting better at it.” — Autobiographer and former CHiPS star ERIK ESTRADA (Erik Estrada: My Road From Harlem to Hollywood) on Prodigy

”Acting and music are two completely different art forms that complement each other. Modeling really pays the rent…. With acting, I get to be in different people’s shoes…. Music is where I get to be brutally honest with myself. I don’t need a director or a good script because it’s my life that I’m drawing from….” — The Fifth Element‘s MILLA JOVOVICH on America Online

”My favorite singer is Julie Andrews. She’s not really in a band but she’s my favorite singer.” — No Doubt’s GWEN STEFANI on AOL

”[I was surprised] when I asked Drew Barrymore about her romantic life and she told me she had been bisexual. Now she is strictly a one-man woman. She is disarmingly honest about everything in her life. And, at 22, she has lived through more than most people have at 50 — drugs, alcohol, a suicide attempt; and yet today, she seems sound and whole and, to me, adorable.” — 20/20 cohost BARBARA WALTERS on AOL