Where would a late-night host be without a yelping, hooting, stomping studio audience? Lobbing his topical one-liners into the void, that’s where. And what would an official late-night website be without a legion of dedicated, impassioned, poorly designed fan sites to give it a context of community? Just another online corporate commercial.

That’s the situation that Jay Leno finds himself in with his spanking new cyberextension, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ( The site itself isn’t bad. It’s nice to be able to hear last night’s monologue in RealAudio and to check out the list of upcoming guests. The Java filter that enables you to search the wacky-headline database is handy. But the written rundowns of recent shows prove how old-media the thinking is here: There’s nothing less funny than reading about how funny something was. B-

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