'Til There Was You

The studio left this alleged romantic comedy sitting on the shelf for a year — and it didn’t improve with age. The oh-so-cute concept of ‘Til There Was You: Gwen (bad-script magnet Jeanne Tripplehorn) and Nick (made-for-TV Dylan McDermott) seem destined to fall in love, yet they keep near-missing each other. It takes them 20 years to meet, and you’ll feel like you sat through every minute. Gwen ghostwrites the autobiography of Nick’s girlfriend, an ex-child TV star (Sarah Jessica Parker, who provides the movie’s only perky moments); architect Nick designs a condo development that threatens to demolish Gwen’s apartment complex. Friends‘ Jennifer Aniston occasionally pops up as Tripplehorn’s friend (typecasting alert), but even she can’t breathe life into this airless story. Director Scott Winant and writer Winnie Holzman, both alums from My So-Called Life, have made a film as dreamily empty-headed as their TV show was morosely full of itself. D

'Til There Was You
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