In ''The Lost World'' the most shocking death was that of a dog

The most shocking scene in The Lost World? When a pair of T. rexes decide to literally split lunch? No, for seasoned moviegoers the most startling moment occurs when a puppy suddenly becomes, well, chow. In other summer blockbusters, while humans get blown away, zapped, and fried — Twister, Independence Day, and Volcano, respectively — the cute canine always narrowly escapes. Not in this World. ”We didn’t [do it] on purpose,” says screenwriter Koepp. ”It just seemed like if the dinosaur was eating every human, why would he not eat the dog?” The really hard decision, adds Koepp, was deciding which kind of pooch to sacrifice. A poodle and a regal German shepherd were both deemed inappropriate. The chosen victim? A pit bull. ”Not that there’s anything wrong with pit bulls,” says World’s Jeff Goldblum, ”but they have been known to hurt a person or two.” In the end, it seems to have been the right thing to do. Says Koepp: ”People actually applauded when the dog went down.” Bad news for those dalmatians.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park
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