Where would a late-night host be without a yelping, hooting, stomping studio audience? Lobbing his topical one-liners into the void, that’s where. And what would an official late-night website be without a legion of dedicated, impassioned, poorly designed fan sites to give it a context of community? Just another online corporate commercial.

At the official site for Late Show with David Letterman (, Dave’s wheezy opening one-liners just don’t wear well in print. The meat here is a dandy searchable archive of Top Ten lists from 1993 to the present; the gravy is the links page, with pointers to 24 official fan sites (which in turn lead you to dozens more), including a page dedicated to, God help us, Sirajul and Mujibur. By contrast, Leno has inspired only two official Tonight Show sites; perplexingly, one’s in Denmark and the other’s in the Netherlands. A-

Late Show With David Letterman
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