Up Island

Molly, an Atlanta housewife in Up Island by Anne Rivers Siddons, swathes herself in Saran Wrap one night to surprise her husband, but finds out that he’s in love with a coworker and wants a divorce. Molly promptly flees to Martha’s Vineyard to visit a friend and ends up staying on the island as a caretaker, tending to some cranky old ladies, a pair of crotchety swans, and a middle-aged man battling cancer. Though Molly spends much of the first half of the book completely destroyed and much of the second half in denial (her husband, children, and friends barely seem to even cross her mind), she still inspires the same kind of affection as a batty old neighbor. You like her, you’re interested in her stories, but you really wish you could send her to a shrink. B

Up Island
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