Woody Allen and Eddie Murphy made headlines this week

Deconstructing Harry

A MITZVAH FAR, FAR AWAY The Force is still with Star Wars fans: The sci-fi classic is making yet another trip to the big screen. Only this time it’s thanks to Woody Allen, of all people. The Woodman’s Deconstructing Harry, an upcoming fall comedy starring Elisabeth Shue, Billy Crystal, and Allen himself as a romantically troubled writer, will contain an elaborate scene about a Star Wars-themed Bar Mitzvah. ”The production design was incredible,” says a source on the New York City set. ”All of the waitresses were dressed as Princess Leia, the busboys were storm troopers, the maitre d’ was C-3PO, and the tables had Darth Vader helmets as centerpieces.” No word on whether Woody can be heard saying ”Soon-Yi, I am your father.”

BOY MEETS…GIRL? Finally, the real reason Eddie Murphy played chauffeur to transsexual prostitute Atisone Seiuli: He was doing research. Well, possibly. Turns out Murphy’s next role (after next spring’s Dr. Dolittle) will be as the voice of a dragon in Disney’s summer 1998 animated feature Mulan. In the film, based on a Chinese folktale, Murphy’s character, Mushu, befriends Mulan, a female soldier (voiced by The Single Guy‘s Ming-Na Wen) who, to keep her elderly father from being drafted, wears men’s clothing to gain entrance into a military academy (think Yentl goes to the Citadel). At one point Mushu rescues Mulan, shepherds the crossdresser to safety, and in the process advises him/her on how to behave like a member of the opposite sex. Will Murphy’s recent real-life escapade result in any script revisions? The studio declined to comment.

Deconstructing Harry
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