Jennifer Aniston's hair made headlines this week

Though her ”Rachel” coif won fame, Jennifer Aniston has insisted that she will not be defined by her hair. At least not in the U.S. Abroad, however, the Friends star seems to have no problem with being ID’d as a well-tressed woman. Aniston’s locks have proven quite lucrative in Western Europe and Russia, where she has been appearing in TV and print ads for L’Oreal’s Elvive shampoo. Though the hair-care company declined to comment on what Aniston was paid, one modeling agent in the U.K. (where Aniston can also be seen in ads for Lynx, a men’s deodorant from Faberge) guesses her fee would approach the million-dollar mark. ”She would be in the same category as a superstar model, like Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell,” says the agent. To L’Oreal, apparently, she’s worth it. ”She’s just a true woman, a no-attitude type of woman,” says a company spokeswoman. ”And she’s got beautiful hair.” Big bucks or not, don’t expect Aniston to become the next Suzy Chapstick. Laughs her rep: ”She’s not looking to be the ad lady.”