Trio's 1982 single resurfaces in a Volkswagen Jetta commercial

So that’s how you say ”We’re back!” in German. In 1982, the German band Trio had a minor hit with the goofy single ”Da Da Da.” Now the song has resurfaced thanks to a Volkswagen Jetta commercial featuring two guys wordlessly cruising to the ditty. ”It has the right pace to convey the feeling that you’re not too motivated but you can’t sit around the house, so you drive around,” says Alan Poffenbach of Arnold Communications, the agency behind the spot. ”And for people who’ve had enough of Marilyn Manson, it’s definitely infectious.” So much so that the song, currently available on the compilation CD Sedated in the ’80s — whose sales have jumped from roughly 5 to 300 a day — has become the radio request of the moment. New York’s Z-100 general manager Jeff Dinetz says hundreds ask for it each morning. Meanwhile, Mercury Records is rereleasing the Trio and Error album in July, renamed — what else? — Da Da Da.