How do you fare at our quiz?

The following questions highlight some of the more obscure moments and conversational tidbits in the hit sitcom. If you can correctly answer more than 10, not only do you know the show, you may want to consider getting a life.

1. If George were abducted by aliens, where would he rather end up: in their zoo or their circus?

2. According to Jerry, how many dates qualify for a face-to-face breakup?

3. Who is Billy Mumphrey?

4. How many times have Jerry and Elaine had sex?

5. What is Cousin Jeffrey’s claim to fame?

6. Name Kramer’s favorite soap opera.

7. According to Jerry, the best feature of a heavy relationship is…

8. What is the significance of Sic semper tyrannis?

9. George has a poster of what hair-challenged star in his bathroom?

10. Jerry quotes from what movie as he stands at Susan Ross’ grave?

11. Golden Boy is…

12. What childhood taunt was directed at George regarding Mrs. Costanza?

13. Name the character Kramer played on Murphy Brown.

14. What was Jerry’s pre-stand-up job?

15. What World War II prime minister is scorned by George and Jerry?

16. What is George’s regular Monk’s lunch order?

17. According to George, what is the biggest sucker deal in retail?

18. Jerry’s custom-blended cereal has what percentage of bran flakes?

19. Kramer has played backgammon with which famous model?

20. If George were a porn star, what would he call himself?

21. Kramer rarely says yes, he says…

22. Jerry has had two phone numbers — what are they?

23. George refers to Seattle as…

24. According to Jerry, what’s the biggest step in a male friendship?

25. In the first pilot meeting with NBC, what is the name of the Off Off Broadway play George claims to have written?

26. What are Jerry’s telltale signs that a man is in love?

27. A sign for what railroad hangs over Kramer’s bed?

28. Kramer compared Jerry and Elaine’s romantic relationship to that of which President and his wife?

29. Boys give each other atomic wedgies. How, according to Elaine, do girls torment each other?

30. Who has Newman booked to play at his millennium party?

31. George’s parents’ address is…

32. Who regularly eats at Reggies?

33. Elaine thinks what percentage of people are good-looking?

34. Name Jerry’s shampoo of choice.

35. What was the item of clothing that launched J. Peterman’s career?

36. ”It’s like 10 dates in one shot” is Kramer’s definition of what?

37. Define ”the swirl.”

38. Elaine wanted to see what movie instead of The English Patient?

39. What are Jerry’s and George’s PINs?

40. If George could take just one book to a desert island, what would it be?

41. Define Kavorka.

42. Name Jerry’s and George’s favorite explorers.

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