Bits and pieces from Sinbad's book

Bits of minutiae from Sinbad’s Guide to Life (Because I Know Everything)

—Number of years Sinbad claims it takes a man to break in a pair of underwear: 7-9

—Age at which he admits he still wore Spider-Man underwear: 18

—Number of pages on which he jokes about being spanked by his parents: 21

—Number of pages on which he touts using duct tape instead to punish his own kids: 3

—His perfect distance for love at first sight: 3 to 6 feet

—Number of dates he says you can have with someone and still break up over the phone: 5

—Number of years it takes a woman to earn a real diamond after accepting his marriage proposal with a cubic zirconium: 9-10

—Number of times he’s been divorced: 1