We tally some of the show's recurring moments, including Kramer's entrances, bowls of cereal eaten, and superhero references

By EW Staff
May 30, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT
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One of the big reasons we buy into the eccentric and unpredictable world of Seinfeld is because it is so grounded in daily minutiae and recurring obsessions. You want nit-picking? Here’s 148 episodes’ worth of the most repeated events and references (you’re welcome).

Kramer entrances…..252 (Both fet must be over Jerry’s doorstep.)

Meetings at Monk’s Cafe…..229

Opening of Jerry’s fridge…..103

Jerry on his phone…..101

Rings of Jerry’s buzzer…..55

Jerry, Kramer, George, or Elaine watching the tube…..40

Bowls of cereal eaten…..13

Jerry, Kramer, or George driving a car*…..95 (Ironically, there are only eight subway rides and one scene on a bus.)

Scenes in a doctor’s office/in a hospital…..28

Scenes at an airport/in a plane…..18

Cigars smoked by Kramer…..19

Baseball references…..48

Superhero references…..32 (Including Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern, Elastic Man, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Rubber Man.)

Chinese food references…..26

Kennedy references…..10 (Including John F.’s Jr. and Sr., Ethel, and Jackie O.)

Nazi/Hitler references….11

Art Vandelay references…..5

Three Stooges references…..4

”Get out!” shoves from Elaine…..13

George has sex in an inappropriate place…..4

Approximate amount of money lost by Jerry $34,275.50 (Plus a TV, a stereo receiver, two charter tickets to Paris, a BMW, and two meals at Mendys — actual values unknown)

*Scenes in L.A. not included.

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