The least employed character played by Michael Richards is the one brimming with entrepreneurial brainstorms

By EW Staff
Updated May 30, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

Oddly enough, the least gainfully employed of the four friends is the one brimming with entrepreneurial brainstorms, some of which actually came to fruition — on the show, that is.

· A pizza place where you can make your own pie, to be owned and operated by Kramerica Industries (Episode 4)

· A roll-out tie dispenser (Episode 5)

· Levels — a design concept that will transform Kramer’s pad into a pillow-strewn ”ancient Egypt”; later used as a scene in the NBC pilot Jerry (Episode 7)

· The Beach, a cologne that smells like, well, you know; later co-opted by ”the real” Calvin Klein as Ocean (Episodes 31, 51)

· Faking a ski lodge in his apartment with ersatz wood wallpaper (Episode 58)

· A coffee-table book about coffee tables — with a built-in coaster on the cover (Episode 71)

· Dispensing with his fridge and eating only fresh food (Episode 89)

· A camaraderie-promoting wall of tenants’ photos in the building lobby (Episode 97)

· The Bro — bras for chesty men (Episode 98)

· Turning his apartment into a Swedish spa via a hot tub (Episode 109)

· Da Vinci sleep — 20 minutes every three hours, based on Leonardo’s supposed patterns (Episode 121)

· PB&J’s, a restaurant that serves only peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches (Episode 121)

· Wearing only hot-out-of-the-dryer, or pizza oven, clothes (Episode 123)

· A car equipped with a periscope for urban navigation (Episode 126)

· A mattress filled with sand — ”like sleeping on a beach” (Episode 144)


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