A look at the man who has carved out a career enhancing audio CDs like Real McCoy's ''One More Time''

Multimedia guru David Greene wants to rock your world. Or at least enhance it. As founder and president of the San Francisco design outfit Creative Spark, the energetic Boston native — who ”grew up in the parking lots of America, playing in rock bands and worshiping Aerosmith” — has carved out a cool career enhancing audio CDs with ”digital art” for your computer. Greene, 33, stumbled into a gig in 1994 as cofounder of Tribeca Interactive (the multimedia division of Robert De Niro’s film company), where he was lead designer on the hallucinatory game 9. For Greene, effective multimedia ”must be a theatrical experience, combining the drama of theater and the presentation of television with the excitement of music.” His latest effort is the trippy animated enhancements on Europop trio the Real McCoy’s album One More Time. ”I’m just a rock & roller at heart who lucked into the world of computers.”