Quotes found online this week from Mike Myers, Patrick Dempsey, Kevin Smith, and more

”In Canada and Britain, comedians are often naked; it’s part of our ‘brief.’ There was a little patch covering my naughty bits and when I say ‘little’ patch, it was actually a pretty big patch.” — Austin PowersMike Myers, on his debut cinematic nude scene, on AOL

”[With Honors costar] Joe Pesci was great. I was just always concerned that he was going to kick me. I never wanted to offend him. Oh, and he never stopped smoking cigars. He had an assistant who was in charge of handling and wrangling the cigars.” — 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea‘s Patrick Dempsey on AOL

”I wrote two drafts of [Superman] for Warner Bros., themed to love. Then Tim Burton was hired, and everything went south…. I guess he sees [him as] a lot quirkier. I wish him the best, but if Superman winds up wearing all black with shears for appendages, don’t blame me.” — Writer-director Kevin Smith on CompuServe

”We met at a restaurant. We said, ‘Hi.’ Frank [Sinatra] said to my father, ‘Pretty girl.’ My father smiled back and said, ‘You keep away from her.”’ — What Falls Away author Mia Farrow on America Online

”As boring as it may sound, we [in the Friends cast] just totally dig each other. But we have our own lives. We don’t see each other every night after work like people think. The girls see each other some, and the guys just went to Europe together. But we mainly just get along. Like I said, it’s boring.” — Courteney Cox on E! Online

”It’s very funny because when we saw each other the first day on the cul-de-sac, it was as if we had just shot the week before. And Donna Mills’ eye shadow is still the same color!” — Knots Landing reunion’s Michele Lee on AOL

”I am the mother of two children, so I am proud I can get into anything that is even slightly fabulous…. When we first started the show, there was a little pressure to wear the kind of clothes that the girls on Friends wear, which were not suited for my body. Luckily, that has worn off, and now they want me to wear what Frasier wears.” — Caroline in the City‘s Lea Thompson on AOL