Perhaps a better title for this imitation Sleepless in Seattle would be Nannyless in New York. A romantic trifle about two upscale single parents who trade kids, cell phones, and eventually kisses while trying to save their careers, One Fine Day never convinces a viewer that a doughty reporter (George Clooney) could rescue his daughter from day-care hell, get to Grand Central Station, and then rush downtown to city hall for a mayoral press conference in one afternoon. That leaves the movie with only star charisma to coast on — not a problem, given the appeal of rumpled Clooney and achingly brittle Michelle Pfeiffer. The question remains: Will parents who have just wrestled their own yard apes into bed want to see their day replayed on video? Or, like the would-be lovebirds here, will they fall asleep before end credits? B-

One Fine Day
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