EW's president talks about our new look

In the style-conscious world of show business, four years is a long time to go without changing your look. So in keeping with our tradition of innovation, this week Entertainment Weekly unveils a design makeover that freshens the look of our review sections. ”Not to be immodest, but EW has had an incredible influence on the content and design of many other magazines,” says managing editor James Seymore. (In fact, EW received a National Magazine Award nomination for design this year.) ”That creates some pressure for us to stay one step ahead of our imitators. We felt that now was the time for us to revisit the appearance of the magazine.”

Readers will be pleased to see that all the changes were done with one goal in mind: making EW an easier and more enjoyable read. Over a year of collaborative effort, design director John Korpics and associate art director Rina Migliaccio created a series of subtle but important style adjustments, including a more consistent color scheme in the review sections, a unified look to sidebars, a honed-down contents page, and information boxes with lead reviews that list basic facts about the movie, book, or TV show being written about.

Each individual section has benefited from the redesign as well. The Books section now features the Between the Lines column, an insider’s look at the publishing industry, Multimedia has been restructured, and the Movies chart has been redrawn to include more per-screen information. ”I think it looks more contemporary, in keeping with the times,” says Migliaccio. ”We dusted off the old design, cleaned it up, and made it a little more modern,” adds Korpics. ”Hopefully, it’ll be sort of a seamless transition for our readers. It’s still the same EW, but with a new coat of paint.”

We hope you like our style.