The 15 hottest topics the week of May 23, 1997

1 DAVID DUCHOVNY The Fox star and Tea Leoni have gotten married. ”The Naked Truth is out there.”

2 COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS ”Let me be the first one to say this as you embark on your new life: I’d like fries with that.”

3 H.S. PROMS The big thing is to make them alcohol-free. Good idea — pregnant women shouldn’t be drinking in the first place.

4 MAD ABOUT YOU Baby Buchman arrives. That makes three children under one roof.

5 DAYTIME EMMYS Susan Lucci got nomination No. 17. She’s already written her speech: ”You hate me! You really hate me!”

6 CELL PHONES One study claims they cause cancer in mice. How do they know it wasn’t something they caught at law school?

7 XENA She popped out of her top while singing the national anthem at a hockey game. For the first time, people wanted to hear the second verse.

8 COFFEE Prices are going through the roof. Starbucks wants to change its name to Sawbucks.

9 SIX TO WATCH Barbara Walters picks the superstars of the future. How does she know who’ll commit heinous crimes?

10 CUBA TO KEY WEST An Australian woman’s the first person to swim it. Credit the coach who kept ladling chum behind her.

11 LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION! Jason Alexander appears in nothing but an apron. It’s something Victoria really would like to keep secret.

12 PATRICK SWAYZE He broke his leg falling off a horse on the set of his new movie. Fortunately, he didn’t have to be put down.

13 MICHAEL JACKSON He’s releasing a new CD without the usual PR blitz. For him that means no divorce and no new baby.

14 THE SEINFELD CAST They’ll do another season for around $600K an episode. The bidding stopped when Bill Gates asked to play Kramer.

15 THE DODGERS Media mogul Rupert Murdoch may end up owning them. Wait till he finds out they’re a baseball team, not an accounting firm.