See what sites we think the president might favor

To paraphrase the Clash, ”Billy Don’t Surf” — until last month, when President Clinton had a computer temporarily installed in the Oval Office. ”[Al Gore] actually let me do some things on it,” said the leader of the free world. We got to wondering: What websites might the Executive Newbie cruise?

>>FAT BOYS OF TITUSVILLE, FLA. ( ”We ship our beef, pork, ribs…nationwide — overnight.” Yowza, where’s that secure order form?

>>CONRAD N. HILTON COLLEGE OF HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT ( Note to Hillary: Install wet bar in Lincoln Bedroom.

>>COURT TV LIBRARY: PAULA JONES’ CASE AGAINST BILL CLINTON ( Note to self: Change chat-room nickname from ”lovejones.”

>>CHEESEBURGER’S MEGA SAXOPHONE PAGE (http://www.geocities. com/Vienna/3353/index.html) Hey! Two key search terms in one site!

>>STANFORD UNIVERSITY — MEETING THE COSTS ( ”Stanford does take home equity into consideration when awarding University funds.” Hmmm…

>>HILLARY’S HAIR ( Dozens of different hairdos?! And I caught hell for a barber on Air Force One…