Critics feel that the Warner Brother's character represents commercialism that has no place in the Postal Service

Bugs is very proud of himself. But Daffy Duck is upset,” Dan Romanelli, Warner Bros.’ president of Worldwide Consumer Products, says of the new Bugs Bunny stamp. The duck’s not the only one screaming. Philatelists are wondering, What’s up with that, doc? ”I’m delighted the Postal Service is attempting to reach out to youth,” says Michael Laurence of Linn’s Stamp News, ”but this is a commercialization I find repugnant.” Says the Postal Service’s Barry Ziehl, ”Bugs is an icon of American animation.” (So, of course, is Mickey Mouse, but Disney, which wanted a copyright mark, never responded to the service’s request for royalty-free usage of the image.) Though Warner gets no royalties, it’ll profit from merchandise bearing the stamp’s image, such as mugs and T-shirts. Plans are to ”issue more [Warner character] stamps in subsequent years,” says Ziehl. Okay, but who’d want to lick a Pepe Le Pew stamp?