A look back at the Jack Lord police show

Can’t make it to the beach for Memorial Day weekend? Not to worry. The Family Channel brings the surf to you with the return of Hawaii Five-O. The longest-running police show in TV history (it aired on CBS from 1968 to 1980) boasted a stoic hero (Jack Lord as Det. Steve McGarrett), an inscrutable villain (Khigh Dhiegh as Wo Fat), a cavalcade of guest stars (Kurt Russell, Christopher Walken, Leslie Nielsen), an inescapable catchphrase (”Book ’em, Dano,” spoken by McGarrett to his sidekick, Danny Williams), and the hip-swingingest theme song ever. CBS may soon exploit Five-O’s can’t-miss formula again; a pilot for a new series has been shot in Hawaii with Gary Busey, Russell Wong (star of the syndicated martial-arts show Vanishing Son), and James MacArthur (now as Governor ”Dano”). The original series’ island locales look lusher than ever on The Family Channel, thanks to digitally remastered visuals that removed flaws from the old film. Now, if someone could just fix Jack Lord’s hair…

Hawaii Five-0
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