We look at the fashion basics of the ''Austin Powers'' co-star

Style Icon: Elizabeth Hurley

Improbable as it sounds, Elizabeth Hurley — costar of Austin Powers, girlfriend of Hugh Grant, and face of Estee Lauder — isn’t your classic clotheshorse. Yes, she has an association with Gianni Versace, and he provides her with many of the dresses shown here. And it’s true that Liz ”has a healthy wardrobe,” says her stylist Freddie Leiba. But what makes her more of a fashion fixture than a trend chaser is that Hurley’s style is as unbending as patent leather.

Among Hurley’s fashion basics: Her dresses, either very long or very short, always take the same formfitting silhouette. Heels are a must. Her hairstyle rarely varies, and her makeup is always heavy on the eyeliner and light on the lipstick. Finally, except for her diamond crucifix, Hurley does not like to wear jewelry (she thinks it would clash with her wardrobe).

Still, her closet must rival Elton John’s, no? ”I don’t actually have a closet at the moment as I’m homeless,” Hurley says. ”I have large, sad suitcases that take up residence in lonely hotels and rental houses…. It’s pathetic, really.” Nothing like suffering in style.