Created by Hollywood producer Oliver Eberle (Stargate), ShowBIZ Data ( is targeted at those industry suits — or die-hard film freaks — willing to shell out $9.95 to $110 plus a month (depending on what and how much one needs to know). This is the place if you need to know the weekly domestic box office of any flick of the last 16 years, searchable by star, genre, director, year, etc. (for example, every Bruce Willis blood-and-guts actioner released between, say, 1990 and ’95). The site also offers up details on 4,500 future films — plot summary, cast, director, start date, and estimated release — not to mention a ticket-buying service and direct links to movie trailers, audio files, and fan sites. Promised by June: data on every U.S. and some foreign movies back to 1981, plus notable releases going back to the ’40s. It’s a cinemaniac’s dream. Two quibbles: The typeface almost requires a magnifying glass. And in the time it took to pull up a new screen, I could have run out to a movie. B