We tally some of the most memorable moments from ''The Rosie O'Donnell Show''

When Rosie O’Donnell’s show debuted last June, the affable hostess was instantly dubbed the Queen of Nice. She then proceeded to crush, nicely, the competition. Now, one year later, the bloom is still on the Rosie. In preparation for her May 16 anniversary telecast — which will reunite inaugural guests George Clooney, Susan Lucci, and Toni Braxton — we’ve tallied some of her most memorable moments:

Number of episodes shot: 233
Number of celeb guests: 704
Number of guests who were from Rosie’s film debut, A League of Their Own: 10
Number of guests who were from Exit to Eden: 4
Number of times Rosie has mentioned Tom Cruise: 2,017
Number of times Cruise has appeared: 1
Number of times she’s mentioned Elmo: 42
Number of times Elmo has appeared: 6 Number of trivia questions Rosie’s answered correctly: 137
Number of trivia questions that have stumped Rosie: 1 (a Mary Tyler Moore question posed by Hillary Clinton)
Number of songs and sound effects available on the DigiCart: 50
Number of Drakes Cakes served to the audience: 42,265
Pints of milk served: 21,132
Number of Altoids eaten: 1,152
Number of Kooshballs shot: 16,328

The Rosie O'Donnell Show
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