We find out what's next up for the 18-year old actress of ''All Over Me''

Name: Alison Folland Age: 18 Don’t miss: Her starring role as Claude, a street-smart, heartsick Hell’s Kitchen 15-year-old who pines for her best friend in All Over Me. Previously seen: As Nicole Kidman’s cheering section in To Die For and Edward Furlong’s victim in Before and After. Next up: High school graduation and a European vacation. ”I’m kind of burnt out,” says the Bostonian, who’s taking a year off before attending college, possibly in California, and has been seen reading scripts. On kissing a girl: ”Doing a love scene is awkward no matter who you’re kissing.” Career outlook: ”She won’t do anything that’s not real,” says All Over Me director Alex Sichel. ”She can do anything because she gets to the point where she knows more about the character than anyone.”