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What a stunning cover on the April 25 (#376) issue! And oh, the irony that the teaser on Laura Dern’s appearance on Ellen as her lesbian love interest is so closely juxtaposed with the photo of Anne Heche, Ellen DeGeneres’ lesbian lover! Clever, prescient journalism or ironic twist? You always keep us guessing, EW! Keep up the good work. MICHELE HANLEY Jeannette, Pa.

Your ”Masters of Disaster!” cover story touched on the rising costs of making movies, mentioning the bulging budgets of films such as Titanic. What it didn’t mention is the rising ticket prices for moviegoers. If you factor in costs of popcorn and soda, it could cost a family of four up to $50 for a night spent seeing Anaconda. Hollywood needs to rein in costs incurred by directors like James Cameron and stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I, for one, resent having to pay for Jim Carrey’s salary increases. SAM FAVATE JR. Bayonne, N.J.


While David Browne’s assessments of the latest releases by Son Volt and the Jayhawks may have been accurate, his quick gloss over the history of alternative country does a disservice to the genre. To not even mention the sparse blues of Will Oldham within the alterna-country context is just plain ignorant, and to write off the Uncle Tupelo spin-off Wilco as merely smug makes me wonder why Browne is even writing about this kind of music. While perhaps not innovators in the grand sense of the term, both Will Oldham and Wilco are making sure that country music isn’t lost under the bubblegum of modern-day Nashville. NICK GAFFNEY New York City


If Laura Dern were really one of those people supposedly cool with homosexuality, why did she proclaim her straightness to the extent of mentioning what she finds appealing in men? Perhaps this is a case of the writer constructing the image of the interviewee, but if Dern really wanted to be ”in solidarity with DeGeneres,” she wouldn’t have been so eager to set the record quite so straight. MICHELE REN Pullman, Wash.


Thank you for the wonderful Legacy piece on Laura Nyro. I’ve been a fan for almost 20 years. I doubt, however, that she wanted to be ”as big a star as Barbra Streisand.” She was lauded by critics and adored by fans, but she made little effort to pursue fame. She was much too individualistic to fit into such a mold. Thanks for giving a full page to such an underappreciated artist. DAVE TERRY Van Nuys, Calif.

CORRECTIONS: Nat Mauldin and Allan Scott cowrote The Preacher’s Wife (Video). In Serving in Silence, Molly Parker played Glenn Close’s daughter-in-law (Movies).