Celebrity news for the week of May 9, 1997

SPLITS It’s reportedly splitsville for Jerry Seinfeld, 43, and UCLA senior Shoshanna Lonstein, 21. She is said to miss the East (her parents live in New York City), while Seinfeld hopes to do at least one more season of his L.A.-based sitcom…. Bob Saget, 40, and his wife, Sherri, are separating after nearly 15 years of marriage. They have three daughters.

SENTENCED On April 25, in L.A., Dackery Laquin Williams, 18, was sentenced to three years for his role in the May 29, 1996, carjacking and robbery of Robin Wright Penn’s Toyota Land Cruiser. Williams and an unnamed 16-year-old (sentenced in June to six months of correctional camp) forced the actress out of her car by pretending to have a gun as she pulled into her driveway. She was not hurt.

FIGHTS They could rename it Yelp. On April 25, the MPAA ordered Miramax to stop using the title Scream for its thriller because Sony Pictures objected to the name’s similarity to its 1996 film Screamers. Until the title is changed, Miramax is to pay Sony $1,500 per day for every screen Scream plays on. (Wes Craven’s movie recently played on 1,216 screens.) Miramax’s Scream II starts shooting in June. Both studios and the MPAA had no comment.

DEATHS Romper Room cocreator and host Nancy Claster, 82, of colon cancer, April 25, in Baltimore. In 1952, Claster and her husband, Bert, created the kids’ show, which was franchised to stations around the country. For 11 years Claster starred as Miss Nancy in Baltimore…. Pat Paulsen, 69, of complications from pneumonia and kidney failure due to cancer, April 24, in Tijuana, Mexico. Paulsen, who won an Emmy in 1968 for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, had mounted five deadpan presidential campaigns since 1968…. Academy Award-winning costume designer Jean Louis, 89, reportedly of natural causes, April 20, in Palm Springs, Calif. Louis, who dressed more than 200 starlets (including Marilyn Monroe for President John F. Kennedy’s 1962 birthday party), won an Oscar for Judy Holliday’s costumes in 1956’s The Solid Gold Cadillac…. Actor Donald Bexley, 87, of a heart attack, April 15, in Hampton, Va. Bexley was Redd Foxx’s sidekick, Bubba, on Sanford and Son.