By Joe Neumaier
Updated May 09, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

Striking all the fun from movie baseball, this Showtime film, Double Play, about look-alike high schoolers insults young viewers by perpetuating geek/jock stereotypes. Computer-savvy Rudy (Jonathan Jackson) becomes CEO of his late father’s company but then gets kidnapped — so ballplayer Oliver (Richard Lee Jackson, Jonathan’s twin) impersonates Rudy to foil evil Uncle Michael (William Shatner, who probably insisted on the Star Trek jokes). Paced like a slow no-hitter, Play may actually make youngsters turn off the TV and go outside. The plump Shatner mesmerizes, though; with a mustache, glasses, and stogie, he looks like Teddy Roosevelt and speaks in his signature…halting… style. Too bad the only double he has is a chin. D+