Captain from Castile

Captain from Castile is, as they say, the kind of picture they don’t make anymore, which is not necessarily a compliment. In fact, by contemporary action-flick standards, this swashbuckler about Cortez’ conquest of the Aztecs is impossibly talky and slow-moving, and many of the actors are less than believable. (Tyrone Power is hopelessly wooden; Cesar Romero is all ham.) Still, the Mexican locations are gorgeous, as is Alfred Newman’s Oscar-nominated score, and on laser the film looks considerably better than it did in its recent tape debut. The Technicolor, at least in the interior scenes, here looks rich enough to eat with a spoon, and (for what it’s worth) you can really see the, er, wrinkles in Romero’s red tights. B-

Captain from Castile
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