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Thanks for the great cover story on Brad and Harrison (#374, April 11). I can’t help but wonder after seeing The Devil’s Own how it would have turned out if the script that Brad read had been made into a film. Sounds very interesting, but we’ll never know. I liked the movie very much, though. Too bad they had to cut the love scene, tsk, tsk… ANN JENSEN Owatonna, Minn.

How can you honestly tell your readers that The Devil’s Own is ”a hit”? In its opening weekend, the thriller failed to take in more money than Liar Liar, a comedy that was in its second week of release. Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt have made much better movies than The Devil’s Own, and Alan Pakula could have done a much better job of directing. Were the people in my theater the only ones that noticed Eddie’s carotid artery beating when he was lying in the morgue? DANIEL HSIA Irvine, Calif.


I will be front and center when Stephen King’s The Shining comes on TV. That novel was the most frightening and heartrending of his I’d ever read. When Stanley Kubrick’s movie version came out, I hoped it would capture the book’s essence: fear in small, innocuous, seemingly safe places. That disappointing film became less about King’s novel of a family haunted and more an exercise in the horror-film genre. I read ”Frightening Strikes Twice” and sighed with relief. The King is back at the helm. He chose the perfect cast to tell his story. I know I won’t be disappointed this time. CAROL BANKS WEBER Seattle


Owen Gleiberman couldn’t have been more on the mark when he reviewed The Saint. When is Hollywood going to learn that millions of dollars worth of explosions, Val Kilmer, and fast-paced ”action” won’t give a movie what it needs the most: a plot that actually makes sense? GARY COULTER Martinsburg, W. Va.

You missed the mark with your Saint review. Unlike Mission: Impossible, The Saint relied on acting to bring the character to life (not flashy gadgets or hard-to-believe disguises). The way Kilmer switched from character to character was flawless, and it was obvious he had fun. What was that movie he passed on? Batman & Robin? Batman who? MIKE NELSON Fuquay-Varina, N.C.


Movie execs are proving that one word has no significance in their vocabularies: August. Why is it that studios keep pushing the start of the summer movie sweepstakes (”Memorial Daze”) to the point that films like Dante’s Peak and Star Wars come out early in the year, while August remains a barren wasteland? Don’t make us go through another month of Jack, Chain Reaction, and The Trigger Effect. We can take only so much. ZACHARY ABELLA Toronto

Corrections: Alan Arkin’s son Matthew is an actor (Movies). Mary Rodgers is the composer of Once Upon a Mattress (Music). ”Somewhere,” not ”A Place for Us,” is the title of the song from West Side Story (Video).