The 15 hottest topics the week of May 2, 1997

1 TIMOTHY LEARY His ashes were shot into space. So his body and brain could finally be together after all these years.

2 MARILYN MANSON The band has been unbanned in Richmond. Apparently, it’s not against the law to have no talent.

3 ”SAMMY THE BULL” GRAVANO The author/multiple killer sent a one-sentence release to reviewers: ”I know where you live.”

4 VOLCANO What would happen if 2,500-degree molten lava covered all of L.A.? Culturally, nothing.

5 THE RAT PACK They’ve found ”lost” footage of the performers. It was hidden at Dino’s house for 30 years in a case marked ”bottled water.”

6 TROY DUFFY The 25-year-old barkeep with no film experience signed a two-picture deal. Spawning a new series, Touched by a Studio Head.

7 THE SHINING Stephen King’s classic about a haunted grand hotel. That’s the advantage of cheap motels. The undead don’t feel wanted.

8 VINCE GILL The country star has split with his wife. But she wants half of any hit songs he writes about it.

9 ROMY AND MICHELE’S H.S. REUNION If Mira and Lisa feel insecure, imagine what the rest of the class looks like.

10 NATIONAL TV-TURNOFF WEEK You know why you don’t hear much about this? Because the few people who tried it died.

11 MARRIED…WITH CHILDREN Fox has canceled the long-running show. But there’s always the chance of a spin-off — Single…With Furniture.

12 THE ROMANOV TREASURES If this is how movers take care of the Russian imperial jewels, think how they’d treat your junk.

13 THE WRATH OF CANNES Hollywood’s headed to the film-fest town, where dinner for two can run you a few hundred bucks. More if you’re eating with Ebert.

14 ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER The action star got a great business idea during his heart surgery. Planet Forest Lawn.

15 BOB DOLE He lent Newt Gingrich $300,000, just like a bank. Except he wasn’t rude and unpleasant about it.