Quotes found online from some of our favorite celebrities such as Harrison Ford and Jennifer Love Hewitt

”I’m through with Star Wars!” —Harrison Ford, when asked if he wanted to be part of the remaining features George Lucas plans to film, on E! Online

”I guess good looks are a matter of opinion but I thank you for the lovely compliment and I am available for parties and picnics. How I maintain my beauty is a secret, but I will tell you today. I do a crossword puzzle every day and it keeps my brain moving.” —Teri Garr on America Online

”It’s so shocking and still so overwhelming when people recognize me. It’s crazy, because I look up to people like that. I mean, if I were to meet Winona Ryder, I would probably pee in my pants! I would literally be speech- less. So when people look at me that way, it’s so weird!” —Party of Five‘s Jennifer Love Hewitt on E! Online

”I think if I had one big complaint [about playing Spock on TV’s Star Trek] it would be the hours….My makeup, when we did the series, took longer than anyone else’s, and that meant that I had to spend probably at least an hour more each day on the job than the rest of the cast. And the same was true when we were making the films. Although, I must say, when we made the films, several of the aliens’ makeups took several hours, Klingons and such.” —Leonard Nimoy on AOL

”If [Dennis Rodman] was on fire, he couldn’t act as if he were burning. Rodman can’t outact me on the big screen.” —Actor/basketball player Shaquille O’Neal on CBS Sportsline