If you were a girl (or a boy, for that matter) who lived vicariously through the antics of the 12-inch diva, you’ll be tickled pink (or ”pink!,” as the site puts it) with Barbie’s new Web home. Designed as a repository for all things Barbie, the site screams pink at every turn. Forget any politically correct revision of the 38-year-old Barbie as plastic career gal: Barbie Collectibles ( highlights Girlfriend’s true calling as clotheshorse and glamour bee (she owns more than a billion pairs of shoes, according to Mattel, with designers Bob Mackie and Christian Dior draping their original creations on the statuesque blond). Mattel has smartly created a home page for its star doll, and though the site may lack depth, who cares? It’s so very pink! B