We look at some of the upcoming biographies about the King

There have been literally scores of books about Elvis Presley, but with the 20th anniversary of his death — or disappearance, for you Weekly World News readers — coming up this summer, on Aug. 16, publishers are looking to find some still-unexplored rooms in the Heartbreak Hotel. Sources say that Ballantine Books, for one, has just paid $500,000 for the tentatively titled Elvis Day to Day, which will combine a freshly researched chronology of the King’s life and career with some 250 photographs, many never seen before, drawn from the Graceland Archives. It’s to be written by acclaimed Presley biographer Peter Guralnick (at work as well on volume 2 of his award-winning Elvis tome, due in ’98), his wife, Alexandra, and discographer Ernst Jorgensen.

Dutton also has an Elvis bio in the works — and under wraps — for publication this August. Down at the End of Lonely Street: The Life and Death of Elvis Presley, by Peter Harry Brown and Pat H. Broeske (an EW contributor), will have ”a lot of new stuff,” says Dutton VP and associate publisher Michaela Hamilton. Insiders say the book is particularly damaging to Priscilla Presley. It also features a first-ever look at Presley’s autopsy report, lurid details about his drug addiction (like his habit of prying the caps off his teeth so he could be taken to the hospital to score Percodan), and his fondness for shapely female feet.

And that’s not all. Agent Frank Weimann is currently preparing a book proposal by William Miller, a onetime private investigator for Elvis whose contract with the King stipulated that he would divulge nothing until 20 years after his death. Miller is now prepared to unveil his collection of papers, which, according to the agent, include everything from the last song Elvis wrote (on a napkin) to a birth certificate for an illegitimate child. The tabs, for once, are right: The King lives on.