Just consider this kitschy 3-D homage to muscle cars, bell-bottoms, and Jackson 5 Afros as The Dukes of Hazzard imagined by Quentin Tarantino. As Groove Champion, you’re a shaggy adventurer in the rural 1976 Southwest. There’s trouble in funkytown, though: Your sister, Jade, has been murdered, and the trail leads to a shady crime boss who plans to destroy the oil reserve and who’s corralled a drove of deathmobile-driving enforcers to do his bidding. You and your kung-fu-fighting buddy, Taurus, steering two cruisers rigged with machine guns and oil-slick ejectors, must outgun the mercenaries in car-to-car combat. Interstate ’76 isn’t just a dull patch of highway, as evidenced by its stylish intro sequence — a groovy, twangy salute to ’70s action thrillers that’s sure to jump-start the old Pinto. A-