Quotes found online from some of our favorite celebrities such as Jewel and Dylan McDermott

”Bucking hay bales, ditch digging, cow milking, waitressing, secretary (which I sucked at).” — Folk-popster Jewel recounting her previous occupations on America Online

”I surf the Net all the time and absolutely love it. I get a lot of my information [online], including things I didn’t know about myself…. I read The New York Times, I will play chess online, and I will check out different Web pages as well. But I try to stay away from Heaven’s Gate as much as I can.” — The Practice‘s Dylan McDermott on AOL

”There’s no reason that our style of music shouldn’t be getting as much respect as, say, Alanis Morissette. By the way, I think her music is a hell of a lot better than mine. I really love her as an artist. But I think because my music is instrumental, it just doesn’t get the respect that it should.” — Musician/ ex-TV host John Tesh on The Janice Malone Show

”I eat what I want. People hate me. What can I say; so far the genes are working well. My dad was a biology teacher, maybe it has something to do with that.” — Hercules: The Legendary JourneysKevin Sorbo on AOL

”I didn’t expect it to happen like this, wrapping one film and flying out to do a new one the next day. But I’m fresh enough and ambitious enough to stay up all night for the sake of a job. I’m not gonna take it easy. I want to do so much more when I’m getting these great opportunities.” — Selena‘s Jennifer Lopez on E! Online

”I had no idea I was in teen magazines and I certainly had no idea I was ever referred to as a ‘heartthrob,’ so it is nothing I have ever pondered. I guess it is flattering, if it is true.” — Roseanne‘s Johnny Galecki on AOL